A few words from Uwe Karstadt

I was born in 1953. Since I was at school, my special interest in health did apply itself on all levels: socially, physically and spiritually. The most important questions in my life are the questions on the meaning of my existence. Since 1986 I am following my vocation as a healing practitioner, health coach, teacher and author of books which deal with the burning health questions in our society.
For 30 years I have been seeing people every day in my practice in Munich. I have learnt so much from them and I was allowed to assist and advise many of them on their path of recovery. These experiences and my talent of applying plenty of humour, clarity and humility during a consultation with a patient have empowered me to put this into words and respectively to write books.

People come to me with all kinds of symptoms. All share the wish to be relieved or healed. The idea or expectation of this and how it can be reached are again very varied and sadly often contrary to the desired healing process. Here are few of my values and views.

Health is not only the absence of a disease. Health is a condition that, under the proper circumstances, results in the optimal interaction of all functions on a physical, mental and emotional level. Every organism is set or tuned to health and always puts itself in the best possible condition – if we do not intervene.

My job is to show you how to boycott your brilliant self-healing mechanism. I want to show you ways in which you will be the ones support your body instead. Therefore at this point, I will allow myself to summarise the most important findings in one sentence:

“Healing can only happen in a relaxed state!

You have the greatest responsibility for alleviating or curing your condition. That’s good news! I can give you professional recommendations, test the drops and the preparations that you need. I can erase the nonsensical concepts from your mind. I can also motivate you to do something for yourself instead of against yourself. Still; my experience and knowledge will only become your knowledge when you experience it yourselves. Provide your body and soul like you would provide a beloved child, with everything that is needed!

It is my responsibility to convey to you my experiences so that you can understand what is
happening to you. It is also my responsibility to conduct research and to put my experiences to the test so that I can offer you the best possible treatment and guidance. When healers and health seekers realise their responsibility, an immensely strong force field is created where really everything is possible.

There are, next to irresponsibility, a few other diseases that one does not immediately recognise such as: blame, lack of humour, criticism, sweet talking and bad mouthing. If, after studying my
books, you think I fall into one of these categories and you have found a like-minded person, I’ll have to disappoint you. These qualities are pathogenic and not a way out of your health dilemma.

Health is easy. I experience it daily with my patients. Health is in harmony with your entire 
organism. Health is on the same wavelength as the entire universe. You are well equipped for a healthy life. Give yourself the chance: Health is the most natural thing in the world.