Information Medicine

The latest findings in quantum physics confirm the millennia-old knowledge of both traditional healing methods and the deep knowledge of mystics about the connectedness and unity of everything and everyone.

For healers all over the world, the universe with all its organic and inorganic forms of expression consists of vibrations. They are the link between everything that exists and the bearer of information. These can be both interference frequency and healing information.

We all know this from our everyday life: The hand of the comforting mother when the child is in pain or the embrace of a friend in times of need. People transfer healing vibrations to a disturbed organism. This healing frequency can also be transmitted by a shaman, a deep prayer, congratulations or harmonious sounds.

Also our words are transmitters of vibrations. We know how hurtful or devastating an insult or a curse can be and we know the constructive effect of praise and encouragement. Also serenity and humour as well as the much quoted love carry healing vibrations in itself.

The latest developments in medicine have led to information medicine. In my practice I work with a completely new device, which brings every human organism on all levels of body, soul and spirit back into the original state of information in an unprecedented way. This state corresponds to the natural order as it exists in untouched nature and undamaged cells, tissues and organs. Since these highest quality vibrations or information always “overshoot” the low quality and disease-causing frequencies, a healing process begins – again on all levels of our being human. This process can and should of course be supported with a healthy lifestyle, joyful and enriching social contacts, meaningful activity, detoxification as well as filling up with nutrient deficiencies (e.g. minerals, vitamins etc.). I described this new development of the Natural Healer and the production of a PVA field (proton vibration alignment) in my book Natürlich werden Sie gesund (Kopp-Verlag, October 2018). It eclipses all previous developments in information medicine. The announcements of Nikolas Tesla and Albert Einstein about a new medicine have come true with such a therapy device and are now available to us.

The recognition to which fine frequencies our organism responds will also show you how pathogenic electromagnetic fields, heavy metals, pesticides such as glyphosate and many other environmental toxins and factors affect the organism. They are all carriers of unnatural, disturbing frequencies. The new medicine is capable of erasing or diverting this disease-causing information and thus sets the starting point for regeneration and healing on all levels of our human being: body, soul and spirit.