Interview concerning the book 96,8°F  by Uwe Karstädt with Karl Heinz Asenbaum
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All warm blooded beings – animals and humans – send and emit infrared waves. Infrared heat is also part of the loving charisma that we humans possess. Infrared heat is an essential and beneficial form of energy with the ability to penetrate deeply into the tissue. It is not surprising that infrared rays are often compared to the energy of love. Also, the loving radiation – the warmth of the heart – of a person can warm and heal the body and psyche. Mothers know this instinctively and warm their children – when they’re cold – with their own body heat. The light which is converted to heat opens the blood vessels, relaxes the nerves, stimulates the relaxing parasympathetic nervous system and promotes healing. Long-wave infrared rays are absorbed as heat by the cells. This process is called resonance or “resonance absorption”.

Negative ions

Negative ions are an essential part of the healing power of the earth. A direct contact with the earth’s surface, for example running barefoot on the beach, immediately provides us with billions of negative ions.

The sufficient supply of negative ions first provides a basis for the body to regulate itself electromagnetically. This includes an exchange between the cells and their environment in order to absorb nutrients and release pollutants. Without negative ions, this metabolism cannot take place.

“Infrared light therapy relieves pain, detoxifies the body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and kills and removes pathogens from the body. Infrared therapy produces strong antioxidants as well as neurotransmitters and relaxes the arteries. Infrared therapy helps the muscle tone of the arteries relax, prevents arteriosclerosis and acts against inflammation. This prevents injury to the vascular walls and lowers the blood pressure.”

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD,DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association

Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

“Infrared mats are a wonderfully safe and easy-to-use mean of achieving ever-accelerating levels of health, wellness and more efficient and natural regeneration and rejuvenation. They provide “noticeable” and “comprehensive” health benefits to make your body feel well and be the best it can be.”

Application of long-wave infrared rays in combination with negative ions

Low body temperature (hypothermia) is always an expression of a health disorder. Hypothermia causes and favours many more diseases as an independent cause of a disease. Body temperatures below 35 ° to 36 ° can be found in almost all chronic diseases

Hypothermia is characterised by cold hands and feet, which are not warm even if they are being heated from the outside. People with hypothermia often feel cold internally. These cold extremities come in contrast with the organs and the tissues of the torso, which are perceived as being warm. Nevertheless, hypothermia, because of the habituation effect on many people, is no longer perceived or classified as “normal”.
Hypothermia is synonymous with poor blood circulation. Low body temperatures, in turn, narrow the smallest blood vessels – the capillaries. This vicious circle means that the heat that is transported through the blood does not reach the extremities sufficiently.
Professor Abo Touru of Nagata University found that the sympathetic nervous system (the activating part of the autonomic nervous system) is stimulated when vessels narrow and the body cools. A state dominated by the sympathetic (stress state) in turn leads to the long term of an inflammatory process in different areas of the body.

These inflammations occur preferentially in areas which are known as weak spots or which are exposed to particular stresses (genetic imprint, mechanical stress, environmental toxins, etc.). Therapeutically, one can intervene here specifically and by heating the body with infrared rays the parasympathetic nervous system – the antagonist of the sympathetic nervous system- is stimulated  and thus the immune system is activated.

In hypothermia, the sympathetic nerves dominate, slowing the blood flow. This weakens the immune system. In contrast, activation of the parasympathetic nervous system stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Also, an extreme and prolonged state of the sympathetic nervous system can lead to hypotension, depression and hypothermia.

Chronic stress and tension, but also drugs such as nicotine, a lot of medicine, environmental toxins and deficiency symptoms can cause a lack of blood flow and thus hypothermia. In particular, dysfunctions of the thyroid and adrenal glands also play an important role. To link the body temperature with the immune system is of great importance. From a body temperature of 36.5° to 37.5 °, the immune system has sufficient power. But even a body temperature drop of only 1 ° – e.g. from 36.5 ° to 35.5 ° – reduces the immune power by 40%! (That’s why a flu infection is popularly known as a “cold”). In this condition, various diseases can manifest. Also, for cancer cells, a body temperature of 35.5 ° or below is the optimal prerequisite for their multiplying.

Limitations in hypothermia

A low body temperature (hypothermia) leads to limitations in many areas. Some of them are:

  • Imbalance in the autonomic nervous system (Sympathetic-Parasympathetic), loss of sleep regulation (always tired or always sleepless), heat balance (cold extremities or hot flashes or sweats), moods (depressed or aggressive) and other regulatory disorders
  • Weak metabolism (loss at 35 ° body temperature: 12%)
  • Lack of production of ATP (our fuel) in the mitochondria of the cells and thus loss of strength and vitality
  • Lack of circulation and thus lack of supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as the disposal of pollutants in cells, tissues and organs
  • Enzymes become inactive and thus lack the triggers and catalysts for a healthy metabolism. (Loss at 35 ° body temperature: 50%
  • Weakening the immune system (loss at 35 ° body temperature: 40%)

Enzymes are our life force

Enzymes are absolutely vital. Without enzymes, no life is possible. Enzyme-rich diets of fresh, raw or fermented foods provide us with a variety of enzymes. At a low body temperature (hypothermia), however, these enzymes are barely active and lose 50% of their vitality and strength. Without adequate enzyme activity and energy production in the cell’s power plants – the mitochondria – we are more susceptible to disease and malfunction. In addition, we age faster because the cells are insufficiently nourished and are purged and detoxified. This becomes visible, among other things, in the appearance of our skin.
Most chronic and degenerative conditions go hand in hand with hypothermia and inflammations. The causes of hypothermia are found mostly in a person’s lifestyle: chronic stress, bad air, bad diet, poor water quality, environmental toxins and electro-smog, drugs and indulgence, lack of exercise and the lacking supply of negative ions caused by the isolation from ground contact (shoes with rubber soles, floor coverings).
Of course, one should first recognise each of these causes and then minimise or try to make them disappear completely. A simple and effective measure is to increase the body temperature and thus break the vicious cycle. A powerful immune system has the ability to produce fever. It is part of the general medical knowledge that, for example, people with cancer have often lost this ability for many years. Conversely, it is no secret that people who regularly produce fever rarely develop cancer. A long-proven and successful cancer therapy is hyperthermia, which causes artificially high fever in the body.
Long-wave infrared radiation has proven itself in medicine as a reliable medium to eliminate hypothermia and thus lead to a whole series of sometimes spectacular results. It is used around the world for the following indications:

  • Decreased blood circulation
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Pain
  • Lack of fat burning
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Stress symptoms and fatigue
  • Skin diseases
  • Exposure and poisoning by environmental toxins
  • Anti-aging

More than 2000 years ago, the famous Greek physician Parmenides emphasised the healing powers of fever: “Give me the power to produce fever and I heal all illnesses.” Cancer clinics in Germany, Mexico and Japan treat patients with hyperthermia on a regular basis by heating the body to high temperatures. When cancer cells are exposed to high temperatures, they die. In contrast, healthy cells are not harmed by this treatment.

Current medical literature shows that infrared saunas produce exceptionally high levels of heavy metal, metabolic waste, dioxin and other toxins. Infrared therapy is ideal for mobilising toxins from hidden places.
– Dr. Dietrich  Klinghardt

Even for people with chronic pain, the infrared rays are a real blessing. The sports physician Dr. Jeffrey Spencer of the University of Southern California describes infrared rays as a great and effective healing medium. The increased blood flow in the muscles and joints will bring more concentrated oxygen and nutrients into the cells to develop its healing properties.

  • Significant decline in chronic pain: A study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis reported a 40% reduction in pain and stiffness twice a week, and 60% in spondylitis for 4 weeks using infrared rays.
  • Another study with patients who suffer from pain showed an improvement up to 70% after only one session with
    long-wave infrared rays, which continued for several weeks.

Long-wave infrared rays have many other effects:

  • Activation of water molecules in the body
  • Activated water molecules improve the blood circulation including the smallest capillaries of the blood vessels
  • Improved metabolism improves the excretion of pollutants
  • Makes the blood more alkaline and improves the acid secretion
  • Increases the oxygen content in the blood
  • Vitalises the body

The adaptability of a cell ultimately determines its survival when the cell is under stress. Treatments with infrared rays reduce the stress a cell is exposed to. Infrared rays nourish the cells with light and heat, but also with improved supply of oxygen and nutrients. Cellular respiration is intensified and thus more polluting substances can leave the cell.

Long-wave infrared rays, abbreviated to FIR (Far-Infrared-Rays), are part of the sun’s natural light spectrum. FIR is a safe and absolutely harmless form of energy. FIR warms the objects through a direct conversion process from light to heat (direct light conversion). FIR warm the objects that are near the infrared rays – for example, our bodies – without warming the air around the objects. (In a normal sauna, in contrast, the air is heated so as to heat the body again).

Reviews of Richway’s Biomat

Dear Mr. Karstädt, I would like to give you a short feedback on the Biomat. I have been sleeping daily on the Biomat for 6 weeks. Already after a few days I had a significant pain reduction (rheumatoid arthritis). The mobility of the joints has also improved. I have not had any stiff joints since then.

Significant pain reduction (rheumatoid arthritis) by the BioMat

Buying the two Biomats was one of the best decisions and well worthy of the money. Not only the constant inner coldness such as cold hands and feet is a thing of the past, but also it is an excellent emergency aid when the flu is on its way. Unbelievable how well this works, not to mention the other positive health effects. Dr. O.Sch..

Report 2 Biomats | Cold hands and feet are a thing of the past

Dear Mr. Karstädt, I have received the Minimat and it has been in use for a good week. All I can say is “sensational”. My health is getting better every day. I received the new book “Diabetes 2” yesterday. You cannot stop reading it. You literally devour the book. I just hope that many people finally open their eyes. I can only say THANK YOU.

Sensational. My health is getting better every day

Field report Biomat | “This wonderful heat” received on 17.2.2016 via email: Hello Mr. Karstädt, thanks for the documents. They are short and sweet and offer plenty of information. My wife slept on the Biomat for the first time last night. I preheated it for 15 minutes to 70 degrees (did me really good) and then set it to 45 degrees for 8 hours for my wife. At first I had reservations about whether the mat was not too hard for her. But no question. The next morning I was illuminated by the happiest woman in the world. “This wonderful warmth”. She had slept through and was fresh and vigorously awake. I am looking forward to the results after 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks again. Best regards.

Field report Biomat | "This wonderful warmth"

Dear Biomat team, yesterday you called me back and we were able to clarify some ambiguities. Today I can already present to you the first success story: In the evening, I tried the mat on the couch in front of the TV at 35 °. It made a good and also a bit of a hard impression. Then I decided to place it in the bed overnight and also test it at 35 ° for 4 hours. After 4 hours I woke up and switched on the mat again without a time limit.


I slept wonderfully without the usual hot flashes and cold feet. Of course at the beginning I was a bit sleepless, because the mat was unfamiliar. And early on, without having to go to the bathroom, I woke up feeling wonderfully warm and refreshed. I’m still testing the mat a bit. But I am very sure that it is here to stay. My husband frowned a bit because of the high price. I referred the explanations in your shop to him, and gave him a brief explanation. Granted, the price is high, but the innovative performance is high as well. People who have not dealt intensively with the new matter, of course, will hardly realise this, since – in their opinion – there are other extremely cheap alternatives (heating pads …) at ALDI and Co. to buy. But sometimes you just have to prevail.

Biomat review | Slept wonderfully without the usual hot flashes and cold feet