Information Medicine

Die neuesten Erkenntnisse der Quantenphysik bestätigen die Jahrtausende alten Sichtweisen sowohl traditioneller Heilmethoden wie auch das tiefe Wissen der Mystiker um die Verbundenheit und Einheit von allem und jede

The latest findings in quantum physics confirm the millennia-old views of both traditional healing methods as well as the deep knowledge of mystics about unity and unity of everything and everyone.

For the healers all over the world, the universe, with all its organic and inorganic expressions, consists of vibrations. They are the link between everything that exists and the bearer of information. These can be both disturbance frequencies as well as healing information.

We all know this from our everyday life: the hand of the consoling mother when a child is in pain or the embrace of a friend in times of need. Humans transmit a healing vibration to a disturbed organism. This healing frequency can also be transmitted by a shaman, a deep prayer, congratulating someone or harmonic sounds.

Even our words are vectors of vibrations. We know how hurtful or devastating an insult or curse can be, and we know the constructive effect of praise and encouragement. Cheerfulness and humor also carry healing vibrations.

The latest developments in medicine were brought forth by “Information Medicine”. In my practice I use the Oberon system to measure the “knowledge state” and thus the functionality of organs, individual cells or the metabolism. If I find a deficit in this subtle examination, the healing information is given to the organism through various preparations with the appropriate frequencies. For this I use medicinal herbs, food, dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies and other natural remedies. They are individually assessed for each person.

Now you understand why I put so much emphasis on the highest quality of these preparations or food. The highest quality is equivalent to the highest healing vibration.

The knowledge, to which fine frequencies our organism reacts to will also open your eyes on how pathogenic electromagnetic fields, heavy metals and pesticides affect the organism. They are all carriers of unnatural, disturbing frequencies.

The diagnosis and the elimination of the interfering frequencies you can see and follow in my practice on a big screen and gain a fascinating insight into the relationships your body has.