The effect of Karstädts Gut Fix is based on the interaction of effective substances from natural medicine to thereby restore the entire intestinal wall. The Leaky Gut Syndrome is not only very common, but it is also well known. A leaky intestine happens when it is burdened with pathogens – such as parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria. Unfortunately, the seepage problem is often reinforced by chemical pollutants, vaccines and heavy metals. This uncomfortable combination is widespread and damages the small and large intestine. Especially in the so-called biofilms, we find whole colonies of pests and toxic pollutants. The biofilm forms over many years and decades and lays like a second skin on the intestinal wall. The biofilm “suffocates” the intestinal flora or microbiome that is so important to us humans. The microbiome is the protective layer of the intestinal wall.

In the natural and healthy state, the intestinal wall allows only certain and completely decomposed nutrients through. Only these small nutrients are allowed to enter the bloodstream. If larger nutrients and hostile substances leak through a now “leaky” intestine, it is called “leaky gut”.

The effects of a leaky gut:

This disease – as you can read in my book “Die saeure des lebens” – “The Acidity of Life” – has serious health effects on the entire body. Due to the leaks in the intestinal wall, these particles just seep out and are larger than intended. Our body classifies these particles as hostile and fights them. This causes incompatibilities and allergies. At the same time, pathogens of any kind enter through the leaks in the intestine. This is an extremely precarious situation for our organism. A major part of our immune system is now busy fighting these unwanted substances. That means loss of power and fatigue. Many of the new civilisation diseases are associated with a leaky intestine. One of the consequences is a chronically inflamed small and large intestine.

This often leads to the disease picture of chronic systemic inflammation, the basis for 90% of all diseases of the body and the psyche. Karstädt’s Gut Fix is specially designed to counter this condition and to restore the intestinal wall to its healthy filter function.

Karstädt’s Gut Fix consists of the following ingredients:

Humic acid:

The most important component of Karstädt’s Gut Fix is humic acid. Natural humic acid comes from healthy humus. Such a humus is hardly existent due to modern agriculture. Under the influence of humic acid, a gut wall can fully recover. The holes close, the inflammation subsides and thus the intestinal wall can recover and heal. Humic acid also has the ability to kill the pathogenic bacteria and strengthen the life-friendly microbiome.

Opti MSM:

This particularly pure and active form of MSM (sulphur) is used in Karstädt’s Gut Fix because of its regenerating properties on the mucous membrane and intestinal wall. In addition, Opti MSM relieves the allergic symptoms often associated with the peritoneal gut.

Opti MSM also has other healing influences:

Methyl groups – as they occur in MSM – are building blocks that make up all organic molecules. The body constantly builds up and dismantles tissue and cells. Methyl groups are made available to the molecules millions of times in our bodies – every second. The so-called methylation is an essential metabolic process in our lives. Only with methyl groups can a new DNA be formed.
Otherwise, no new cells could be created. The formation of a large number of molecules is absolutely dependent on methyl groups. This also applies, for example, to neurotransmitters such as choline, serotonin, norepinephrine and epinephrine. The liver and its functions are also
dependent on methyl groups – among other things for the detoxification processes. One therefore sees the great importance of having a sufficient supply of methyl groups for the physical as well as the mental health of humans. The Opti MSM molecule consists of two methyl groups (M) and one sulphur atom (S). An MSM molecule in the body is thus split into a sulphate (sulphur) group and two methyl groups. This leaves nothing left after splitting. This may be the reason why no negative or toxic effects occur here.

It can therefore be absorbed in almost unlimited quantities without triggering toxic effects. In all experiments one could never establish the so-called LD50 value. This was the dose in a test setup where 50% of the animals died. Surprisingly, it was the other way round: the higher the dose of MSM, the more vital were the organisms, whether it was an animal or human.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is known for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties on membranes, mucous membranes and skin. Aloe Vera supports the regeneration of the intestine very effectively.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus:

This probiotic bacterial strain has the property to remain in the intestine for a very long time and stimulate healthy growth and stability of the intestinal wall cells. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus effectively counteracts the Leaky Gut Syndrome. It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and thus helps restoring a good balance of the microbiome.

Lauric acid:

This ingredient most effectively reduces excess of harmful fungal colonisation. This antimicrobial effect has been scientifically proven. The medium-chain fatty acids also manage to override viruses by disrupting and destroying their outer membrane of lipids. The inside of a virus is released and the virus dissolves.


Dietary supplement, two capsules three times a day with plenty of water, with a meal or as recommended.

Guaranteed free from:

Wheat, yeast, soy, egg, gluten, alfalfa, shellfish, peanuts, milk or corn allergens, salt, sugar, starch, wax, artificial colours, odours and flavours.

Each capsule contains:

  • OptiMSM 350mg
  • Humic acid 100mg
  • Aloe Vera (200x concentrated) 50mg
  • Lauric acid (monolaurin) 50mg
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus (10billion / g) 25mg

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

After opening keep it refrigerated, sealed and protected from direct light. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Karstädts Gut Fix contains only pure ingredients without additives

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.