The new module BellyFit with the innovative healing information of the Picolabb technology was designed by the healer and inventor Vian Li, and is used in his own clinic and many hospitals in Asia.

BellyFit forms the basic prerequisite for an intact intestinal wall:

Good protection of the unicellular epithelial layer. BellyFit ensures that the ability of the entire digestive tract to form healthy and protective mucus is improved. One of the defence measures of plants against their predators are lectins. Lectins have the ability to bind to mucus. Therefore, a good salivation when chewing and a strong layer of mucus in the stomach and intestines are the basic prerequisites to reduce the negative effect of lectins on our health. If used regularly, it can also help reduce the symptoms of the Leaky Gut Syndrome by promoting cell regeneration in the small intestine.The Leaky Gut Syndrome is described in “Karstädts Alles Gut“.

Most enzymatic activities in the intestines also become more efficient through the use of BellyFit . In order to be protected from the negative effects of lectins, you would only have to wear the BellyFit on your body. This super-small module BellyFit has been provided with further information for our intestinal health, with a special focus on lectin relief. It has a clip for attaching it to shirt, trousers or underwear. The BellyFit is charged via a USB cable and can be switched on and off as required.