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Darm-Detox | The effective cure by detox expert Uwe Karstädt

Karstädts Darm-Detox  is an effective and sustainable cure for every intestine.

It cleanses the entire gastrointestinal tract. The saying goes: “Death begins in the gut”. The reverse is also correct: our vitality, our immune system and thus our health begin in the gut. This shows how important an optimal intestinal function is for a healthy intestinal wall and a living mucus layer (glycocalyx) lying on top of it.

In contrast to many other intestinal treatments such as colon hydrotherapy and enemas, which only reach parts of the colon, Karstädts Darm-Detox acts directly on the so-called biofilm – and throughout the whole small and large intestine. The entire intestinal area in adults is at least about 6 – 8 meters long. Other intestinal cures often work with expectorant ingredients and thus reduce the important mucus and protective layer of the intestinal flora which is so important for us.

Uwe Karstädts instructions can be downloaded here.

The underlying pathogenic biofilm consists of highly interactive microbial communities harmful to humans (bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses and yeasts). “Interactive” in this context means that the microbial communities share tasks and thus protect each other. These pathogens and toxins solidify the biofilm with calcium, iron and environmental toxins and heavy metals into a stubborn and increasingly impermeable layer that “sticks” firmly to the underlying one.

The bacteria as a result form the biofilm so as not to be washed away. They build, so to speak, a kind of ‘city’ where they live together and protect themselves by forming a thick layer of slime around the “city”. They form a kind of fortress.

  • They are protected from the host’s immune system and antimicrobial interventions by a self-generating polysaccharide matrix (multiple sugars). The “antimicrobial interventions” term refers to all preparations such as antibiotics and antifungal agents, but also to naturopathic agents such as colloidal silver, essential oils, grapefruit seed extract, etc.
  • Calcium, magnesium, iron are involved in the stabilising networks in the biofilm.
  • Biofilm is a layer that surrounds the organisms that we want to eliminate. This makes it very difficult to treat the infections without having to use very high dosages that harm our children.
  • This may explain why some children have a stool culture that is interpreted as “normal,” but they react and regress strongly if their anti-fungal medication is not taken.
  • Biofilms adapt to the biological surfaces and membranes (intestinal barrier, teeth, fasciae, endothelium of the blood vessels, inner seals of the cerebral ventricles, endothelium of the heart and heart valves, bile ducts, bladder wall, etc.)

The biofilm causes the healthy mucus layer underneath to dry out, become thin and the intestinal wall becomes increasingly inflamed. Due to this inflammatory process, it swells and the openings in the intestinal wall responsible for the absorption of the nutrients become too large. This is also how the leaky gut syndrome develops, and this shows that biofilm formation is the basis for the development of the leaky gut syndrome. It is also the cause of food hypersensitivity and allergies and increased toxicity throughout the organism. This clearly illustrates the importance of the removal of the dangerous biofilm. The biofilm causes inflammation of the intestine – enteritis and colitis – and, consequently, systemic chronic and acute inflammations throughout the body, e.g. in the lungs and bronchi, pancreas, skin and gums etc..

The connections and thus partial conditions can be found on very different clinical pictures: Lyme disease (borreliosis), autism, fibromyalgia, ME, MS, etc. The usual methods that are used to combat the disease do not do their job completely because they do not penetrate to the viruses and bacteria that are in the biofilm. The result is that the disease continues, although partially and short-term improvements have occurred due to antibiotic preparations. If you want to treat a chronic disease with naturopathy or with regular medical remedies, it is advisable to ensure that the harmful biofilm disappears first.

Karstädts Darm-Detox contains no expectorant ingredients

There are intestinal cleansing products that have an expectorant action and dissolve both the healthy and the harmful mucus layer in the intestine. However, this is very disadvantageous for the intestinal wall. Karstädts Darm-Detox contains no expectorant ingredients. It moisturises the intestinal wall and intestinal flora and lets them be revived.

Remove the biofilm without damaging the healthy mucus layer

With Karstädts Darm-Detox the harmful biofilm can be removed very effectively and without much effort. The effect of Karstädts Darm-Detox relies on the fermented bark fibres of a palm tree. These fibres are able to penetrate into the hard biofilm without damaging it. The healthy mucus layer cannot penetrate the intestinal detox, because this simply has no dense structure to penetrate it. The penetrated fibres also allow the okra powder to get into the biofilm, can swell there and thus detach the biofilm.

Okra powder can absorb several hundred times its own weight in water, causing the biofilm to swell with water. It is recommended to use the high-energy electro-activated water from good water filters. The biofilm can easily slide outward in this swollen state. The healthy and vital mucus layer can then fully recover, because the suffocating and dehydrating biofilm no longer rests on it.
Nutrients from the daily meals, but also supplements can be optimally absorbed again.

This not only saves strength and energy, which must be spent on the difficult utilisation of all nutrients but it also saves the increased consumption of food, dietary supplements and thus ultimately saves you the financial expense for it.

Worth knowing about Karstädts Darm-Detox

The production of Karstädts Darm-Detox is unique and guarantees the effectiveness of bowel detoxification and excretion of biofilm. The fermented bark of the oil palm as an effective ingredient is indispensable for the effect of this product. The fermented bark fibres of the palm tree have the ability to penetrate deep into the core of attachments or “slags”. This is necessary because the slags attach firmly to the intestinal mucosa and cannot be detached in any other way. Other fibre-based therapies and detoxification only clean above the biofilm with a very limited effect.

Experience has shown that large amounts of biofilm are still excreted in people who have been working for years or regularly with other bowel cleansing, detoxification and source substances such as psyllium husk powder, probiotics, prebiotics, zeolite or bentonite in cures with Karstädts Darm-Detox. The fibres penetrate deeply into the structures of the hard biofilm and moisten it from the inside. As a result, the biofilm dissolves with the waste products and easily slides out, effortlessly and without cramps or pain.

In addition, Karstädts Darm-Detox also contains okra, an ingredient that moisturises the mucus layer of the intestine itself and puts it back into optimal functionality. This is necessary because the own mucus layer is dried out and inflamed by years of slagging the intestine.
The individual 7 daily portions of Karstädts Darm-Detox should be mixed as much as possible with high-energy water with negative ions. This optimises the effect of Karstädts Darm-Detox (information on this under

How does the Karstädts Intestinal-Detox work?

Meal replacement

In addition, Karstädts Darm-Detox replaces meals during treatment. It is necessary to temporarily calm the intestine during detox. Only then can the intestine get rid of toxins properly. If the intestine also has to work for the digestion of daily meals, the detox will be unsuccessful.
Karstädts Darm-Detox contains all the nutrients to avoid any shortage or deficiency during detoxification. As a result, you will generally not feel hungry and will feel fit and comfortable instead.

Most users of Karstädts Darm-Detox treatment have little or no discomfort. There is only a very small percentage of users experiencing any symptoms. We would like to explain the reasons for this here, and then also give tips on what you can do.

Detoxification or decontamination of the body brings to light existing problems.

Every detoxification is always like a magnifying glass for the existing health situation. When starting a detox, the body itself first wants to address what it most desires. As long as you eat normally, the body just does not have the energy for detoxing. Most of the energy we absorb is needed for digestion itself.

Once ordinary food intake stops, the body has energy to tackle the “pending maintenance issues.”
Some people live with health problems that they do not notice but that come to the forefront as soon as they start detoxification.

A full gallbladder

For example, there are people who have an overflowing gallbladder, which is associated with no or very few symptoms.

As long as there are no real gallstones, the person notices very little. If you start with Karstädts Darm-Detox cure, the body wants to empty the gallbladder with vigour. This happens with spastic contractions of the gallbladder and is often accompanied by vomiting. Headaches can also occur as the gallbladder meridian runs along both sides of the head. That can be very uncomfortable. In severe cases, it is therefore advisable to stop the detoxification for some time and to first flush the gallbladder before you continue with Karstädts Darm-Detox

Hypersensitive intestine due to the harmful biofilm

There are people who have a very sensitive bowel. This is due to years of dehydration and sometimes inflammation of the intestinal mucosa due to the harmful biofilm. Usually, most people do not notice much. But as soon as you begin with Karstädts Darm-Detox, you feel that something is happening in your stomach. Some of these people think that they have an optimally functioning digestive system, but when they start the cure, the symptoms show that the facts are different.

It is important to know that the ingredients of Karstädts Darm-Detox contain no irritants for the intestinal wall in contrast with traditional bowel cleansing products, which have an abrasive and diarrhea inducing effects and attack the intestinal wall itself.

The effect of the intestinal detox ingredients

Karstädts Darm-Detox ingredients do nothing else than penetrate into the biofilm and fill it with moisture. The fermented fibres of the oil palm bark can only penetrate into the biofilm and not into the mucous membrane of the intestine. The intestinal wall is not attacked in any way. In addition, the fermented fibres of the oil palm take the okra powder into the biofilm. This powder can absorb water up to 100 times its own weight. As a result, biofilm absorbs a lot of water, becomes heavier and releases itself thick and heavy from the intestinal wall. Finally, the biofilm can slip out without cramps. (also see photos in the Extra Photo folder. Beware! The photos are not “pretty”)

A feeling of fullness is normal

The swelling of the biofilm causes a sense of discomfort and fullness in a small percentage of people. Especially if the biofilm in this person is tough and hard, it will absorb a lot of water.

This can create an inflated sensation in a person with a sensitive bowel. However, this is not a bad sign,instead you notice that the product works. The bloating has nothing to do with the fermentation in the intestine, it’s just the biofilm that’s soaked with water which you feel. It will also be visible when it comes out. It is usually a thin, translucent skin, but the penetration of the palm fibres and water, makes it look more like a bloated sausage. (also see photos in the Extra Photo folder. Beware! The photos are not “pretty”)

Karstädts Darm-Detox always works

Some people do not have bowel movements during Karstädts Darm-Detox, which, in contrast to the general assumption, is not a problem.

Every body is different and will respond in its own way. Unfortunately, this is not the case with every person from which the biofilm comes out completely during this treatment. Since that is not the case, one might think that the cure was not effective. The opposite is true, however. Karstädts Darm-Detox always works. Hundreds of tests by users in natural medicine have shown this in practice even in people who did not have a bowel movement during the cure. The reason is that the palm fibres always invade the biofilm because it is a mechanical process. If the biofilm does not come out during the cure, then the reason for that is that it is a particularly tough or hard biofilm, which is transported out with the solid food. In this case, the biofilm is then completely excreted with the stool for a few days.

Little or no bowel movement is normal

If there is little or no bowel movement, there is a general belief that constipation is the cause, but this is not the case. What many people do not realise is that the food is released with a delay of a few days. This is not clear, because most of the patients have one to two bowel movements every day. What is excreted is already a few days old. It is quite common to need a few days food to defecate. So if you do not have a bowel movement, it’s not unusual either during or after the cure.

Tips to stimulate bowel movement

Nevertheless, the fact remains that one can feel uncomfortable without a bowel movement and wants to do something to promote it. This is not a problem. Karstädts Darm-Detox  can be combined with all kinds of natural resources. You can take tea for bowel movement, plum juice or magnesium sulphate. A gentle colon massage, acupuncture, foot reflexology or homeopathic remedies are also beneficial and helpful, as well as exercise in the form of relaxing walks. At the same time, be aware that this will not be a problem if nothing is excreted during the cure or a few days after that.

Karstädts Darm-Detox was effective and the biofilm is definitely excreted with the normal stool.

Salt deficiency

There is a possibility that a salt deficiency may be developed with the associated symptoms. A little bit of Celtic Sea Salt or herbal salt diluted in some water with the morning shake is a good remedy.

After Karstädts Darm-Detox

After completing Karstädts Darm-Detox cure, power soups and fermented food are recommended. For your health is now also the ideal time and of the utmost importance to ensure that the intestinal wall and the intestinal flora – the so-called “microbiome” – is optimally rebuilt  and supported. At the same time it should be ensured that a biofilm cannot form again in the intestine.

For this, the following preparations are recommended:

  • Karstädts Superbiotika (probiotics with 10 strains,1 billion each) to rebuild the intestinal flora optimally. The structure of the intestinal flora is not useful before since the intestinal walls are completely stuck. After the cure, the intestinal wall can receive bacteria, but this time the right ones.
  • Karstädts Alles Gut  (Humic Acid, Opti MSM, Aloe Vera, Lauric Acid, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus). This combination works wonders for building the intestinal wall. It also acts against harmful pathogens and fungi, is anti-inflammatory and toxin-binding.
  • Karstädts Enzyma to support optimal pancreatic functions Pancrease Powder 4X, Bromelain (600 GDU / g), Papain (2000USP / mg), Lipase (10,000 LU / g), Amylase, Protease (5000HUT / g)
  • Karstädts Digesta to support optimal stomach functions
    Betaine hydrochloride (300mg), OptiMSM ™, ox gall, trypsin (250USP / mg)

Video interview on colon cleansing and the product intestinal detox in German language