Karstädts Alles Gut

Karstädts Alles Gut – supports the recovery of the intestinal wall

The effect of Alles Gut is based on the interaction of effective substances from naturopathy to restore the entire intestinal wall.
The Leaky Gut Syndrome is not only widespread, but also well known. A seeping intestine occurs when the intestine is contaminated by pathogens such as parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria. Unfortunately, the problem of the percolating bowel is often exacerbated by chemical environmental toxins, vaccinations and heavy metals.
This bad combination is widespread and damages the small and large intestine. Especially in the so-called biofilms we find whole colonies of pests and toxic pollutants. The biofilm forms over many years and decades and lies like a second skin on the intestinal wall. The biofilm “suffocates” the intestinal flora or microbiome which is so important for us humans. The microbiome is regarded as the protective layer of the intestinal wall.

Another, often unknown factor for a leaking intestine are, besides the above mentioned causes, lectins, the weapons of plants against their predators. Lectins adhere to the intestinal wall, cause inflammation and disturb the cohesion of the unicellular intestinal membrane. More about lectins can be found in Uwe Karstädt’s book “Natur werden Sie gesund“.
In its natural and healthy state, the intestinal wall only allows certain and completely decomposed nutrients to pass through. Only these small nutrients are allowed to enter the bloodstream. Even if larger nutrients and life-threatening substances seep through a now “leaky” intestine, it is called “seeping intestine” or “leaky gut” (the intestine with a “leak”).

The effects of a seeping intestine:

This clinical picture has serious effects on the health of the entire body – as you can read in the above-mentioned book. Due to the leaks in the intestinal wall, these particles, which are larger than intended, seep through. Our body classifies these particles as hostile and fights them. This causes intolerances and allergies. At the same time, however, pathogens of all kinds also pass through the leaks in the intestines. This is an extremely precarious situation for our organism. A large part of our immune system is now busy fighting these unwanted substances. This means loss of strength and exhaustion. Many of the new diseases of civilization are associated with the percolating bowel. One of the consequences is a chronically inflamed small and large intestine.
From this often follows the disease pattern of chronic systemic inflammations, the basis for 90% of all diseases of the body and the psyche. Karstädt’s Alles Gut is specially designed to counteract this condition and restore the intestinal wall to its healthy filtering function.
The groundbreaking new formula of Karstädt’s Alles Gut is designed to effectively counteract Leaky Gut Syndrome. These symptoms include flatulence, constipation or diarrhea, “clouded thinking”, joint problems, weight gain, all forms of unexplained fatigue and the constant craving for food or sweets. Leaky Gut is also often the trigger for autoimmune diseases, intolerances and allergies.
Karstädt’s Alles Gut is for all people affected by these symptoms, as it was specially designed for the regeneration of the sensitive intestinal wall. This product can also prevent toxins from seeping into your body and damaging your health.

Karstädt’s Alles Gut is your product if you have the following goals:

  • An improvement in digestive problems such as flatulence, nasty intestinal winds, diarrhoea and constipation.
  • A healthier, more comfortable body weight
  • Reduction of difficult to explain skin and joint problems
  • Less exhaustion or fatigue – and more youthful energy

Karstädt’s Alles Gut consists of the following ingredients:


An amino acid that not only regenerates the lining of your intestinal wall, but also helps to reduce cravings and control body weight.

N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine:

This powerful compound not only relieves one of the common complaints of Leaky Gut Syndrome, joint pain. It also helps absorb lectins in the intestine, especially the harmful wheat lectins associated with joint inflammation. N-acetyl D-glucosamine prevents these lectins from binding to the intestinal mucosa.

Licorice root extract:

Recent studies have shown that licorice root can support the epithelial layer of the intestinal wall and even relieve painful symptoms in the stomach, often associated with heartburn.

PepZin GI™:

A combination of zinc and L-carnosine, two ingredients that not only soothe the intestinal mucosa but also help your body to restore its own damaged tissue to its natural state.

These four main ingredients are supported by the following 11 ingredients:

  1. Grape Seed Extract (OPC) is antioxidant
  2. magnesium citrate is digestive and relaxing
  3. Organic Cassia Cinnamon powder regulates blood sugar and is fat-burning
  4. Wormwood powder works against fungus and parasites
  5. Organic Maitake mushroom extract promotes immune system
  6. Vita-Berry with polyphenols, resveratrol and quercetin is antioxidative
  7. Black pepper helps against stomach and intestinal complaints
  8. Grapefruit kernel extract works against fungal infections
  9. Cloves extract helps against inflammation
  10. Marshmallow root extract protects mucous membranes
  11. Berberine hydrochloride lowers blood lipids and regulates blood sugar

Instructions for use:

Food supplement, 1 capsule three times a day with plenty of water, with a meal or as recommended.
Guaranteed free from:
Wheat, yeast, soy, egg, gluten, lucerne, peanuts, milk or corn allergens, salt, sugar, starch, wax, artificial colours, flavours and aromas.
Attention! Contains shellfish ingredients (i.e. crustaceans).

The daily dose of 3 capsules contain:

  • L-Glutamine 213.0 mg
  • D-Glucosamine 115.0 mg
  • magnesium 12,9 mg
  • Grape seed extract 85,0 mg of which proanthocyanidins 63,7 mg
  • Liquorice root powder 54.0 mg
  • Wormwood powder 50,0 mg
  • Cassia cinnamon powder 50.0 mg
  • Maitake mushroom extract 34,0 mg of which polysaccharides 10,2 mg
  • Herbal mixture 22.0 mg
  • Pepper 17.0 mg of which piperine 16.1 mg
    Cloves powder 17,0 mg
  • Grapefruit seed extract 17.0 mg of which flavonoids 7.6 mg
  • marshmallow root extract 10,0 mg
  • L-carnosine 8.0 mg
  • Berberine hydrochloride 2,9 mg
  • Zinc 2.0 mg
A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
After opening, keep closed, dark and refrigerated. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Karstädt’s Alles Gut contains only pure ingredients without additives.