Born 1953. Since I was at school my special interest in health did apply itself on all levels: socially, physically and spiritually. The most important questions in my life are the questions on the meaning of my existence. Since 1986 I am following my vocation as a healing practitioner, health coach, teacher and author of books which deal with the burning health questions in our society. For 30 years I daily see people in my practice in Munich. I have learnt so much from them and many I was allowed to assist and advise on their path of recovery. This experience and my talent of applying plenty of humour, clarity and reflect in all humility during a consultation with a patient have empowered me to also put this into words, respectively write books.

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All warm-blooded creatures – animals and humans – emit infrared waves. Infrared warmth is also part of the loving radiation that we humans possess. Infrared is an essential and beneficial form of energy with the ability to penetrate deep into tissue. It is not surprising that infrared rays are often compared to the energy of love.

Information Medicine

For healers all over the world, the universe with all its organic and inorganic forms of expression consists of vibrations. They are the link between everything that exists and carriers of information. These can be as well interference frequency as healing information.


Hair mineral analysis

Since the human body needs more than 80 essential minerals and trace elements in addition to sodium and calcium, under- or oversupply with one or more of these substances can cause a wide variety of diseases.


intestinal detox_stages_content_1500x630

Intestinal Detox

Karstädts Darm-Detox – the effective cure for the intestine


Gut Fix

Karstädts Gut Fix unterstützt die Genesung der Darmwand



Karstädts Superbiotika – Aufbau der Darmflora nach einer Darm Detox Kur



Karstädts Prebiotika sind Nahrung für gutartige Darmbakterien


Fulvic acid

Karstädts Fulvinsäure – 60 bioverfügbare Mineralien und Spurenelemente



Karstädts Enzyma – unterstützt die Verdauung im Darm.



Karstädts Digesta  – fördert die Verdauung im Magen

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